Modular construction, using steel container structures, allows us to build differently.

Lower price points & shorter timelines

Our methodology makes it cheaper and faster for you to get your project up and running. Using pre-built container structures allows us to spend more time on the planning, design, and finishes. You don’t have to spend years paying for land and building materials without any tenants in your commercial space. Build modular and cut down dramatically on construction time and cost.

A sustainable approach

Building modular gives you the opportunity to reuse materials and structures that would otherwise have to be disposed. The construction process is also less extensive and doesn’t use equipment that will dispense harmful by-product into the surrounding environment.

Lower risk to environmental factors

The steel containers we use are made to endure rugged circumstances. They are, by nature, weatherproof and waterproof. Anything we build is resistant to mold or damage by natural disaster.

Unique space planning 

With modular construction, the architecture and engineering is different right from the very core. Without the usual rules, architects and designers can use a different lens to look at your project. Your plans can be long and narrow, stackable, wide, and can scale as you expand. This leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of exterior design, space planning, and interior décor.

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